Examples of my Work

Website Design

Weekly Updated Chart
Canora Golf
Editable scorecard

Canoragolf.ca is a live site that I still update alongside the course contacts. All of the imagery I took myself. This project spanned many months, and was a great intro to the web.

The evolution of a logo/combo/monogram for a brewing company

Blue Ox Logo

Taking an idea from brainstorm and building it out to represent a business is exciting. It’s important to not go into a new piece with any expectation and give in to the process.

well over a 1000 pieces to build this church, entirely vector within illustrator


Vector work allows for so much more than just resizing and typefaces. Through careful pen work and colour shifting, I was able to recreate the church I photographed in Ireland. Details are important in any piece, with the overall presentation having more weight if each piece of the puzzle is given the right amount of focus.

6 separate animals and backgrounds blended into a single piece


Photoshop's power never ceases to amaze. Truly endless possibilities with the software, and having the ability to manipulate with it I consider an asset. I used 6 separate images for the background. The eye and foot are both from an owl, with the head being a dog and the body of a bird. All of the images used I captured myself.

mockups are quite possibly the best part of this career path


As an important step in the process, mock ups have a way of giving a tangible feeling to a logo or design that otherwise is difficult to express. Whether it’s my company logo or a mock up for a beer company, each one gives a presence to the piece and lets the logo do the talking. It’s no longer just about the image, but the message behind it.